About the Project

The Tanzania Project is about bringing a community together to help rebuild a school. Those of you who know me know my life has been devoted to working with kids and in education. Whether working for a non-profit organization helping schools integrate chess into their learning, or working in the rougher areas of town, giving less fortunate children the opportunity to experience things they’d never had a chance to before, my passion has always been to help tomorrow’s leaders be all they can be. Now I have the opportunity to help kids in an area that desperately needs support from the outside world to give their children the education they deserve…. and you can help too.

In May, a diverse group of Torontonians will be heading to the Mount Kilimanjaro region with Childreach International to help rebuild a school. Currently just a dirt floor and bare stone walls, our team of 15 will turn a village school into a colourful haven for local children – painting, bringing in desks and proper school supplies and, most importantly, renovating the kitchen into a safe and sanitary facility equipped to provide the students with healthy meals – sometimes their only meal of the day.

Your donations will help provide the supplies needed – as well as create jobs for locals who will work with us in the rebuild. Funds raised will also provide the on-going support the school needs to continue to provide these deserving children with nutritious meals and adequate school supplies.


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